Mission Statement

Mission Statement

I was always drawn to a life of service; I also loved School, especially science. I am grateful for all of my teachers.

I was so fortunate to be chosen by Columbia in the city of New York to learn psychiatry. I was inspired by my Columbia faculty for teaching me to always practice the highest standard of care. We learned to be completely thorough in our diagnostic work-ups; and, therefore, never make a mistake, so that the accurate diagnoses would be made. Then we could choose from the various treatment options for each individual patient.

The patients would have, therefore, correct diagnoses correct treatments, and the best possible treatment outcome.

Learning psychiatry in New York City is one of the best locations because of the great diversity of people. I am grateful to the many thousands of people who invited me to participate in their care.

I want to continue practicing the art and science of psychiatry so that more people can experience what psychiatry has to offer. Advances are being made more rapidly with our greater understanding of genetics. More people are benefiting, and experiencing changes in their lives. The future of psychiatry is ever brighter.

Ten years ago, the Mayo Clinic taught me psychiatric genomics. Dr. Charles H. Mayo said, "There are two objects of medical education: to heal the sick and to advance the science." Dr. William J. Mayo said, "The glory of medicine is that it is constantly moving forward, that there is always more to learn." Using genetics in my practice has been a great advantage for my clients.